Friday, 11 April 2014

Widcombe Junior School Comics Week

Year 5 students from Widcombe Junior School in Bath took part in a comics week with Hannah Sackett of Archaeological Oddities last month. With expert guidance from Hannah and the wonderful teachers Rebecca Cartwright and Jo Everritt they created some fantastic comics inspired by Asteroid Belter.

Year 5 have been working on the topic of space, so they took the Supernova Splashdown comics (by Paul Duffield) as a model and wrote their own comics on the same theme. As previous topic work they had all invented their own planet - describing plants and animals, geology, atmosphere, etc, so their brief was to have their spaceships land/crashland on these planets.

Click on the pictures to see larger versions. 

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Our Launch in Photos

Our launch was quite some time ago now, we thought it was about time we shared some photos of the day with you. Yay.

Young artists getting stuck in with the big drawing wall. How wonderful.

Comics for all ages. I can report that the adults enjoyed this just as much as the kids.

See what I mean? That puzzle on the back is pretty challenging. Have you solved it yet?

Aliens, laser, robots, mutation, clone? What could be going on here? Is this a famous Art Heroes Workshop?

Nigel Auchterlounie and team getting to business. Serious comics business. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Thought Bubble You Rock

This weekend we attended the Thought Bubble Festival, we also did our talk at the Comics Forum. Editors Lydia Wysocki and Michael Thompson presented our talk to Comics Forum entitled Epic themes in awesome ways, or how we made Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic. It seemed to go rather well, if anybody happened to record any of it we'd love to see/hear it.

Jess Bradley's poo comic was a favourite among the Thought Bubble gang. I have a poo sticker and badge now, which is grand.

Sarah McIntyre took a great photo of the Science Comic team for her blog, thanks Sarah. We hope you enjoy the comic.

We have been judged and found guilty of comics. Oh no.
Paul Thompson took the fall while another culprit fled the scene.

If you visited us on Sunday it's very possible that you witnessed Lydia's mad knitting skills. She was making gloves, I've never really got to grips with knitting but it is certainly very scientific and involves a lot of counting. It looks a lot like being a human printer. 

Massive thanks to Thought Bubble, we gave out over 600 comics and we hope you all enjoy them. Yes, even you. Leeds, you were grand. Now we shall rest a bit.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Thought Bubble

Wondering where you can find us at Thought Bubble? Mr Terry Wiley has made this handy little map out of the handy bigger Thought Bubble Map. We're at table number 108 in the New Dock Hall.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Belter Conferences

As well as the previously mentioned Comic Conventions we'll be at the following conferences:

Engage 2013 - 27th & 28th November

The National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement's annual conference, Bristol.

We'll be doing a workshop entitled Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic - public engagement, comics, and awesomeness.  

This conference will explore the many ways universities and their partners choose to engage together, and the agendas these partnerships serve. It will provide an opportunity for open dialogue between the HE community, policy makers and funders, and the organisations working with them.

Comics Forum 2013 - 21st & 22nd November

Leeds Central Library, Leeds.

We'll be doing a presentation called Epic themes in awesome ways, or how we made Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic.

Comics Forum was established in 2009 as part of Leeds’ annual sequential art festival Thought Bubble, which takes place at various venues across the city every November. Taking the festival’s emphasis upon the educational value of comics as its starting point, Comics Forum aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of comics scholarship through an academic conference that brings together scholars, artists and fans in a spirit of mutual cooperation and development.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Nobel Prize - Create Your Own Comic by Aimee Scorer

Thank you to Aimee Scorer for sending us her great comic. Using the create your own comic page in Asteroid Belter Aimee has proven how clever and incredible the ape family is. Brilliant. 

Monday, 14 October 2013

It's Convention Time

Team Newcastle Science Comic is travelling the country. Missed us during the British Science Festival in Newcastle? Head to the following places to pick up your very own Asteriod Belter.

Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, London.

New Dock Hall, Clarence Dock, Armouries Drive, Leeds.